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Aspirations Infinite is one of the renowned Overseas Education Specialist & USA Student Visa Counselor with providing complimentary Career analysis and wide-ranging assistance linking to education in the US. Proud to say that we are leading USA visa consultants in Surat .We do counseling for Students who want to pursue their further education in United States of America & Need USA Student Visa Consultancy in Surat. Studying in the US furnishes every student a break to acquire an exceptional quality of education which is acknowledged GLOBALLY. It also presents a variety of flexible courses and offers a life time opportunity to meet, share and compete with the finest of brains as they all congregate to either study or work in the United States of America. We provide the best counseling regarding study in the US. We assist our students for Coaching, Admissions, and Visas and in short for the entire process from beginning to ending to Study in USA at Surat. We have a history of providing good counseling dedicated, transparent and professional services, resulting in 100% Admission success. The services rendered by our Student Visa consultancy come in various forms:

  • Career Options & smoothen the progress of Admission.
  • Result Oriented professional Coaching for standardized entrance exams by qualified Faculties.
  • Show path in getting Financial Aid i.e. Scholarships / RA / TA.
  • Choice of the precise University and classes. (We take care of the logistic for you. If you want a course in Engineering, then we will also tell you the Universities in those Cities where Job Options are greater for an Engineering graduate.)
  • Entire Documentation work will be done for application to Universities.
  • Organize effective Statement of Purpose & Resume.
  • Help students in arranging finances.
  • Inclusive Financial Documentation as well as Income Tax Returns.
  • Over all to get US Student visa: Training for US Student Visa Interview to make student feel confident enough.
  • Pre-departure counseling & support in Ticketing, Forex and Insurance.
  • Successful Student USA Visa for Rejected cases.

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Why Study in USA ?

There are many benefits to studying in the US, but don't just take our word for it! Each summer we survey US students before they go over. Here are the top reasons they tell us they've chosen to study in the US.

1. Choose from the wide range of universities on offer:

There are over 4,500 US universities offering undergraduate degrees. With such a wide range of universities and degrees on offer, there is bound to be one that is a great fit for you!

2. Experience American college life:

US universities are known for their vibrant campus life. Cheer your university's football (American that is) team to victory or play intramural sports yourself. Join a club - there are hundreds to choose from. Become a leader in student government, or write for the university newspaper. Act or sing in the campus arts programme or volunteer in the community. There are so many ways to get involved in American college life.

3. Have the flexibility to explore your academic interests before choosing your major:

Undergraduate degrees in the US are quite flexible. You can apply to US universities as "undecided" about your major (field of study). Under the "liberal arts philosophy", you will take classes from a variety of subjects during the first 1 - 2 years before specialising in your major field. Students who already know what they want to study can complete a "double major", degrees in two academic fields often completed within the normal four years of study. Students may also earn a minor qualification for completing 3-5 classes in one field.

4. Take advantage of funding opportunities: 

Many students are able to fund their studies through scholarships from US universities and external funding bodies. In fact, about 10% of international undergraudate students report US universities as their primary source of funding. Scholarships are often offered to students based on merit, extracurricular achievement, financial need, talent and/or personal characteristics, such as country of origin, field, gender or ethnicity. If you look hard enough, there is a scholarship out there for you!

5. Internationalise and strengthen your CV:

Studying and working abroad can make you stand out in the job market when you return to the UK. According to a Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) survey of 230 UK companies, one in three employers valued job applicants with international study experience, while 65% of employers favoured applicants with overseas work experience. International students in the US have the opportunity to gain work experience during their studies and to work in the US for up to one year after graduation on the Optional Practical Training scheme. Students in the sciences and engineering stay on for up to two years.

6. Travel in the US and learn about another culture:

The US spans six time zones and has a great diversity in geography and culture. Long university summer holidays and programmes organised by the international students’ office, such as holiday trips and host family schemes, offer students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the US and immerse themselves in another culture.

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