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Aspirations Infinite is the only key for all your Overseas Education requirements. We present free of charge Career Counseling. From the many countries one can study in, but Australia is an incredibly well-liked choice.We are leading Australian Visa Consultant in Surat & having number of successful  Australian Student Visa approval cases.

Australian education has a well-built global value for brilliance. Australian degrees are standard internationally. The educational institutions of Australia are top-notch among the world's best & the standard of education is far above the ground. Studying in Australia has many other benefits too: affordable education fees, the occasion to work while one study, great health care benefits and a great lifestyle in a beautiful and diverse country.

We provide the best counseling regarding study in the Australia. We assist our students for Coaching, Admissions, and Visas and in short for the entire process from beginning to ending to Study in Australia. We have a history of providing good counseling dedicated, transparent and professional services, resulting in 100% Admission success.

Highlights about Australia:

  • Compare to other countries Australia is ranked highly in performance internationally, such as standard of living, lifestyle, health, education, and completely safe and sound where people can explore around freely.

  • Australia has achieved place in the top 5 major developed countries for education.


  • RMIT University

  • Monash University

  • Australian National University

  • University of Sydney

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Queensland

  • University of Western Australia

  • University of Adelaide

  • University of Technology Sydney

While overseas study is expensive, Australia is more affordable than most other destinations and offers a high standard of quality education, excellent living condition and a tolerant multicultural society. Australia's Higher Education Institutions rank among the world's best and the quality of education they offer is correspondingly high.

Higher education in Australia provides value for money by offering shorter and more intensive courses, they quickly incorporate latest innovations in science & technology, modern trends in marketing & management in their diploma/degree programs, hence Australian education is more practical and responsive to the needs of Trade & Industry. Australia seems to be high on the list for many reasons: Indian 12+3 is acceptable for masters degree.

Duration for the masters courses is between 1, 1.5 to 2 yrs. Competitive costs for tuitions and living in comparison to other developed countries. Like USA, UK etc. Australian education is recognized world wide from US to NZ. High Standard of education in international terms, good research facilities available with state of the art equipment. Visa process is straightforward and fair. Currently over 40000 Indian Students in Australia. Australian universities are members of an International Academic community and academic staff are frequently recruited on an international basis. Australian academics and graduates are keenly recruited into institutions overseas, indicating a measure of Quality Education. ESOS Act to protect the interest of overseas students. Safe country with pleasant climate and a stable democracy.

The Association of Australian Education Representatives in India (AAERI) - Edwise is an accredited member of AAERI - since its inception. The Association is supported by Australian High Commission, New Delhi and its members. AAERI aims to maintain high level of ethics in the profession of counselling and students recruitment for Australia. Quality Assurance In Australia every course offered in a university has CRICOS Code which is given by Australian Government reflecting that the education system is fully controlled by the Government in Australia. There is no formal ranking of universities. Thus students from all around the world have long made Australia their education destination.

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